Physical therapy

We are looking forward to your upcoming Physical Therapy appointment! Please plan for your visit to take approximately 60 minutes. Below are tips to help you prepare for your visit.

Pregnant woman excercising.
  • Dress comfortably: Think exercise clothes and sneakers. You might even work up a sweat, depending on your fitness level and prescribed exercises!
  • Write down: Write down any questions and concerns you have in advance.
  • Be prepared to discuss your intake forms:  Including items about your medical history, with your new provider. On that note, make sure you have completed all of your intake forms for your provider! That way, you can dive right into your session.
  • Come ready to learn:  Ask questions, and get yourself on the road to feeling better

Virtual visit

  • Notes: Have something with you to jot down notes! You will have access to our recommendations through your portal, but you might want to write some things down in your own words.
  • Choose a good location: Please try to find a quiet place with good lighting for your session. You might need space to stretch and move around, so keep that in mind when choosing your location!
  • Evaluation: Your visit will include an evaluation of your physical concerns, your needs, and recommendations. You might even get some helpful homework!
Pregnant woman.
Kettlebell and yogamat.

In-Person Visit

  • Evaluation: Your visit will include an evaluation of your physical concerns, your needs, and recommendations.
  • Hands-on assessment: Part of your evaluation will be a hands-on assessment from your certified Physical Therapist. Depending on the reason for your visit and your pregnancy status, this assessment might include the recommendation for an internal pelvic floor muscle assessment. n internal exam is helpful in assessing the deep layer of pelvic floor muscles for strength, length, endurance, and coordination. It can also be useful to assess for any scars that have formed since delivery if you are postpartum. The choice to have a pelvic exam is entirely yours, and you can change your mind at any point. If you and your physical therapist decide that an internal pelvic exam is appropriate, it will be done in a private room where you will be given a sheet to cover any other areas. The exam consists of a gloved finger being inserted either vaginally or rectally to assess your muscles.
  • Homework:  Your visit might conclude with some “homework” you can do between sessions to hasten your improvement!
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We hope you are now more prepared for your upcoming judgment-free Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy session. Our PTs are here to help you meet your goals. We will see you soon for your appointment.

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