Have a Better Pregnancy and Postpartum Experience

Get proactive, interdisciplinary care from your first through fourth trimester — all in one place. Now serving patients in Chicago and Houston.

No membership fees. Clinical services are in-network with most major insurance providers.

Prevent common challenges with care that complements what you receive from your OB or midwife.
Mental health
Pelvic floor
physical therapy

In-network with major providers

Our clinical services are in-network with major insurance providers, and our birth doula care is FSA/HSA eligible.
“Partum's team-based model brings together perinatal services like acupuncture, physical therapy, lactation support, and doula care in one place, both in person and online.”

Build your care plan with the help of our care concierge

No more bouncing between providers. Book all of your care in one place.
Connect with our care team
Receive a customized plan for your care with Partum providers
Book the services that you need, and get the care you deserve
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Our services

Your care plan will include any combination of services that work for you and your family.
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Birth doula care
  • Understand your options and identify your preferences for labor and delivery
  • Receive continuous support from an expert during birth
  • Give yourself the best chance for the birth experience you desire
Postpartum doula care
  • Have extra support for your first days home with your little one
  • Receive guidance for all those early “is this normal?” moments
  • Get more rest and calm the feeling of being overwhelmed
Lactation consultant
  • Gain confidence (you can do this!) learn the ins and outs of latching, schedules, and other breastfeeding 101 topics
  • Get simple, expert answers to your questions as they arise
  • Feel more supported and ready for baby number two
Physical therapy
  • Maintain strength and function of your pelvic floor and core
  • Prepare for labor and a healthy recovery after birth
  • Get back to physical activity safely (whether this is picking up your toddler or running marathons)
Nutritional support
  • Learn strategies to deal with morning sickness and cravings
  • Make sure you and your baby are eating right and getting your nutrients
  • Meal-plan like a pro to manage the demands on your time
Mental health services
  • Get support for any anxieties and emotional change related to this major life transition
  • Tackle changing relationships dynamics with partners, friends, and family
  • Manage your back-to-work transition (hello new normal!)
  • Improve pregnancy outcomes on your fertility journey
  • Get help with pregnancy symptoms (nausea, pain) or breach baby
  • Effectively support your postpartum recovery
Online courses
  • All Partum clients get free access to our exclusive learning modules.

    Delivery Planning audio series to boost your confidence in preparation for birth.
  • Postpartum return to exercise program designed for anyone 8+-weeks postpartum who is ready to begin or return to high impact exercises.  

Why Partum?

In-person and virtual appointments

Concierge-style care without membership fees

Credentialed and vetted perinatal specialists

Always-on access to your providers through the Partum app

Just amazing
Partum delivered a tremendous pregnancy and postpartum experience for us. We worked with care providers across all of their offerings and it made a HUGE difference as we brought our new son into our lives. I would really recommend anyone in Chicago having a baby to at least have a consult with Partum.
Alexandra M.
Exactly what I needed
It is because of Partum's services that I was able to have a completely supported, happy, joyful and knowledgeable pregnancy and postpartum experience!! I can't say enough good things. It is the type of care every woman should experience when they are about to have a baby
Kim M.
Wonderful care
Wow. We love Eleanor, [our doula]. She has such a generous and kind soul, and we immediately felt comfortable with her! She took wonderful care of Henry, and we had the best night’s sleep! It’s clear that she truly loves babies and helping new families.
Jane D.
It LITERALLY saved my life
I cannot recommend this service highly enough -- it LITERALLY saved my life. I had heard from several friends that the "fourth trimester" is incredibly hard, and it's valuable to have things lined up in advance because even the little stuff can feel overwhelming. Partum helped prepare me to take care of myself and my daughter, and made the process completely seamless.
Jane G.
Such a blessing
Working with the Partum team has been such a blessing during my pregnancy process. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I have someone helping me along the way to figure out a doula and lactation consultant. I feel so much more relaxed and prepared going into my birth. I would (and have) recommended Partum Health to anyone in the community who is preparing to have a baby.
Michelle E.

Frequently asked questions

Once I decide on a service, how quickly can I get an appointment?
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We work around your needs. Whether you need a service immediately or are planning for further out, we do our best to find a care expert to help. Either way, we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Are these services covered by insurance?
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Many of our services are covered because insurance companies recognize how important whole-person care is for better health outcomes. Oftentimes lactation consulting, mental health, physical therapy, and nutrition counseling are covered by insurance, while birth doula care can be covered by an HSA. We’ll work with you to make sure you understand your options and help make it easier any way we can.

How do you decide which care team member is a good fit for me and my family?
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Once we get to know you, your family, and the services you are interested in, we'll match you with a care expert we recommend. Or if you want, we’re happy to schedule informational interviews with a few of our experts, so you can find the person you connect with best.

Is it easy to change my plan once I've started?
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Yes. Just like in parenthood, it’s good to be flexible. We want you and your family to get everything you need, so if you realize you want to add or cancel something along the way, just let us know. We’re happy to help.

When should I sign up for services?
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It’s a good idea to start planning for most of the services by your second trimester. But if you’re running a little ahead or a little behind that timeframe, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you.