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Bring more joy, better health, and less stress to growing families.

We believe all families deserve comprehensive, whole-person care that supports their mental, physical, and emotional health needs. At Partum Health, we make this a reality for families. We hope you’ll join us.

A letter from our founders

Dear expecting parents and growing families,

Planning for and welcoming a new, snuggly baby can be blissful (cue that newborn smell), but it can also be incredibly HARD. We’ve heard it from hundreds of families and we’ve lived it ourselves.

From figuring out how to feed your infant to healing from birth to dealing with mental health challenges, there is an incredibly common set of needs that parents face. The harsh truth is that despite how common these needs are, US families typically do not receive the full set of essential services needed to address their whole health.

Parents here also don’t receive the same care as our peers abroad, where home visits from postpartum specialists, in-home lactation support, and physical therapy are often standard of care.

Partum was founded to change this reality. While we know that caring for a tiny human will never be EASY, we also know the right care and support make a huge difference.

We believe you deserve this support. That’s why we’re putting our hearts into helping your family thrive—and setting a new standard in the process.



Our Leadership Team

Meghan Doyle
Meghan Doyle
Co-Founder & CEO
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers
Co-Founder & Head of Operations
Dr. Melissa Dennis
Dr. Melissa Dennis
Chief Medical Officer
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