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Becoming a parent is a universally hard transition. Whether you or your partner need help during fertility treatment, with perinatal anxiety, or with postpartum baby blues, we can match you with the right therapist to help manage this change and find the joy.

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About mental health care

At Partum, we’ve seen that the mental well-being of families is too often neglected. From navigating fertility treatments to hormonal changes and loss of sleep to changing relationship dynamics and shifting responsibilities - it’s a lot to manage. You do not need to manage it all alone.

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Who should seek mental health care?

The short answer is simple: mental health therapy care can benefit anyone-  whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum, or a partner. Therapy is proven to reduce anxiety, depression and can ensure your emotional wellness is taken care of.

There are cases where engaging a mental health expert can be particularly impactful. Consider proactively engaging a provider if you…

  • Have a history of mental health issues
  • Experienced fertility complications
  • Have experienced a pregnancy loss
  • Are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy
  • Have an infant admitted to the NICU
  • Previously experienced a traumatic birth or postpartum experience
  • Are anxious about how a new baby will impact your family and children

And of course, if you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, seeing a therapist is a great first step to take to get help.

You are not alone


About 1 in 7 birthing people experience postpartum depression, and for over half of these individuals, this is their first ever episode of depression by as much as 40%


Perinatal anxiety affects about 1 in 10 pregnant and postpartum people

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It is well-established that mental health care including psychotherapy is highly effective in treating depression and anxiety in the perinatal period

Why work with Partum Health

Take control of your mental wellbeing

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Telehealth therapy

Receive support from the comfort and convenience of home; in person options may be available based on location


Customized care

Your provider will help you decide the timing and frequency of sessions based on your needs


Individual or couples options

Support for you or you and your partner


Quick matching

We can arrange support for you quickly, often within a matter of days


Dedicated support

Client care coordinator to support you between sessions

Covered by insurance

Our mental health providers are in network with many PPO healthcare plans.  We will help you understand your options before beginning care. Cash pay and HSA or FSA options are also available.

“Growing your family is a time filled with joy, but the hormonal changes, alterations to your sleep habits, and fear of the unknown can also bring up feelings of anxiety or depression.  Working with a certified mental health provider can equip you with the skills you need to adapt to these changes.”

—Dr. Melissa Dennis, Chief Medical Officer, Partum Health


Specialists always at your side

Our specialists are licensed clinical social workers and psychologists specializing in perinatal support. They are carefully selected and vetted based on their experience as experts. They will help with anything you need - from anxiety to depression to setting boundaries and achieving work-life harmony.

Andrea Fullerton
Mental Health Therapist

‘I believe first and foremost that that therapeutic relationship is collaborative. Together, we’ll create a plan to help you flourish as an individual and parent.’

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Lita Simanis
Mental Health Therapist

‘I'm passionate about working with perinatal families and facilitating opportunities for parents to create their best selves.’

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