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Birthing parents often hear what NOT to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding, but guidance on nutritious options is harder to come by.  Parents want to eat in a way that supports their baby's development and their own health, but many just aren't sure how. We can help.

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Nutrition services

Partum Health’s approach to nutrition support is highly tailored to the needs of each individual. Our registered dietitians meet you where you are and support you throughout the perinatal period.

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Pre-pregnancy/fertility: optimize your diet for fertility, including reaching hormonal balance, reducing insulin resistance, and supporting egg and sperm health

First trimester: receive guidance on your body’s nutrient needs, manage symptoms like morning sickness, and get recommendations for prenatal vitamins and supplements.

Second and third trimesters: prevent and/or manage nutrition-related complications such as gestational diabetes as well as symptoms like heartburn, food cravings/aversions, cramping, and constipation. Guidance for meal prep and planning for postpartum nutrition.

Postpartum: meet your nutritional needs for recovery and build a foundation for healthy eating for the whole family.  Meet your lactation goals by managing increased calorie and nutrition intake requirements for breastfeeding and pumping.

Support for gestational diabetes

Up to 10% of US pregnancies are impacted by gestational diabetes (also called GDM). Our dietitians are experts in supporting those who have been diagnosed with  or concerned about (or at a higher risk for) developing GDM. They will help you develop a nutritional plan to support your health and the health of your baby.

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All appointments available via Telehealth- so you have the convenient help you need when and where you need it most.

General Nutrition Counseling

60 minutes: initial consultation
30-45 minutes: follow-ups

Our registered dietitians work with you to understand your circumstances. They will conduct a health assessment, outline your nutrition goals and make recommendations to reach them. Follow-ups include personalized education and nutrition strategizing, goal check-ins, progress monitoring and meal planning.

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Gestational Diabetes Counseling

60 minutes: initial consultation
30-45 minutes: follow-ups

For patients with a gestational diabetes diagnosis or those at higher risk for a diagnosis, our registered dietitians provide specialized care to help manage GDM and support your health and the health of your baby.

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Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition education

60 minutes sessions

Your registered dietitian will provide expert education tailored to your specific needs and stage of the journey- all to help you reach your own goals.  Education provided will help you feel empowered to nourish your body and your baby.

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Covered by insurance

Our nutritionist services may be covered by your PPO healthcare plan.  Before beginning care we will help you understand your coverage and payment options.  Cash pay and HSA or FSA options are also available.

“Whether you are just starting your pregnancy journey, have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, or are postpartum, a nutritionist will work with you to meet your body’s changing needs.”

—Dr. Melissa Dennis, Chief Medical Officer, Partum Health


Our nutrition specialists

Our Registered Dieticians are fully licensed and are carefully vetted to ensure you receive top quality care.  They have been hand picked based on their experience supporting parents and women from pre-conception through to postpartum.  Most importantly they are ready to help you when and how you need support.

Kirby Walter
Registered Dietitian

‘I love helping families create an individualized approach to fuel their bodies and feel their best through this important and complicated time of life’

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Chloe Bierbower
Registered Dietician

‘I love supporting clients as they transition into parenthood and helping them nourish their growing families at a time when food and nutrition play such an important role.’

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