Partum Health Reviews

Thank you to the parents who have shared these kind words! It is our joy to support new families across the country.

"My experience with Partum Health has been nothing short of amazing. From the timely response, to accommodating my needs, to decreasing my stress. 10/10 would recommend to any new mom!" 

"We have used their recommendations on Doula, lactation specialist, and therapist - 3 unrelated specialties that matched our specific needs. In addition, we took a birth class they recommended. As a result, our biggest fears about pregnancy, delivery, and post partum have all been managed proactively with the help of true experts in their fields."

"I was recommended pelvic floor physical therapy at my 6 week check up with my midwife but the waitlist at the affiliated hospital was over four months long! It was a lifesaver to find an alternate provider who could see me sooner through Partum."

"I’ve been super pleased with the support Partum has provided me.  I got very lucky with an easy pregnancy, delivery and now baby, but even then I know I was all the more supported and prepared because of the amazing team I assembled thanks to Partum's help!"

"Partum health is the best of the best. I used a few other services before I found Partum health and I can honestly say their team is the best. The doulas I worked with completely changed my postpartum experience for the better. I learned a lot from them and I trusted them with my baby."

"Working with Autumn and the team has been such a blessing during this pregnancy process. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I have someone helping me along the way to figure out a doula and lactation consultant. I feel so much more relaxed and prepared going into my birth. I would (and have) recommended Partum Health to anyone in the community who is preparing for having a baby."

"I am not exaggerating when I say that I that Partum has been life-changing for our family during these postpartum weeks and months. I originally contacted Partum for help finding birth and postpartum doulas; I wanted to save myself some hassle by having someone else vet candidates and coordinate introductory conversations. Not only did Partum introduce me to AMAZING doulas who totally transformed my birth and postpartum experiences, but they have also been there to help us line up additional night support as need has come up. What has been really amazing is the ability to reach out as new things have come up and I need help. My OB suggested talking to a dietician to get some help reintroducing foods after a pregnancy of intense food aversions; Partum was able to set me up with someone with a simple text. My baby went on a nursing strike; Partum had an IBCLC out to my house the day after I reached out. I feel so lucky to have found them and I have referred all my Chicago-area friends - even if you are considering a “services light” approach, it’s worth reaching out and getting them on your team! Who knows what you might end up wanting and needing; I certainly underestimated the support that I would need."

"I just had a baby and two of my best friends are pregnant.  I have been recommending Partum to them more than anything else.  Everything about my experience with Partum was above and beyond.  Their customer service, their team, their services, their after care, their follow up- it made such a difference in my pregnancy and post-Partum journey.  Kelly was my doula and such a rock for me.  I can’t imagine giving birth without her.  And she was soo kind and supportive following up with me post partum- which I am sooo grateful for.  Katie was my lactation specialist and soo helpful, kind and supportive. I wish this support for every mom."

"I’ve used the lactation consultant and therapist services as well as taken advantage of the texting platform, and have found it to be very helpful during these first few months of life as a family of four. Both Lisa and Allison have been wonderful resources for me as a second time mom. Additionally, everyone has been so responsive in the texting platform, and it has really lowered the bar for asking a question when something is concerning me or just on my mind. The proactive check-ins and postpartum advice have also been so appreciated." 

"I signed up about 6 weeks before I was due with our second child. While I had a pretty “easy” experience with our first, relatively speaking, I knew that there were any variety of unexpected things that could happen during labor, delivery, and postpartum and loved the idea of having a team of experts readily available (and so easily accessible!) to provide support."

"We started with Partum in February based on a recommendation. Our trust in the integrity and quality of the founders extended to the experts they sourced on our behalf, which was confirmed by the amazing job they did supporting us across our needs."