Pelvic floor physical therapy in Houston, Texas

Partum Health offers pelvic floor physical therapy in Houston, Texas from Pearland to The Woodlands and everywhere in between. Whether you need help strengthening your pelvic floor or with rehabilitation after prolapse, we can match you with the right physical therapist for pregnancy and postpartum.
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Experience the best pelvic floor physical therapy in Houston

Finding a pelvic physical therapist in Houston doesn’t have to be complicated: at Partum Health, we offer physical therapy for pregnancy and postpartum recovery. With individualized plans of care and rates starting at $150 per session, you can prepare for birth and recover more quickly with the help of a trained pelvic floor physical therapist near you.


In-person pelvic floor therapy
Benefit from hands-on evaluation and manual therapy at convenient studio locations throughout Houston.
At home pelvic floor therapy
Receive quality care from the comfort of your home with remote pelvic floor physical therapy. Telehealth is available to residents throughout the state of Texas, with no special equipment or devices required.
Birth preparation
Learn pelvic floor exercises to prepare your body to give birth, while easing common pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms like pelvic pain and spasms.
Pelvic floor rehabilitation
Strengthen your pelvic floor postpartum to heal pelvic prolapse and reduce leaking and pain with intimacy after vaginal birth or C-section.
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Pelvic floor therapist supports patient in glute bridge

Meet our local Houston team

All Partum Health pelvic floor physical therapists are licensed in Texas, practice evidence-based care, and have specialized training in pelvic floor dysfunction and muscle rehabilitation. Through guided exercises and internal manipulation techniques, you can recover from symptoms of incontinence, constipation and pain during intimacy.
Ning, Houston Pelvic Floor Therapist
Ning Malabanan, DPT
Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
“Through a collaborative approach, I am committed to helping women understand their pelvic floor muscles’ role in their sexual health and dysfunction–including chronic pelvic pain, bowel and bladder disorders, perinatal musculoskeletal issues, and coccyx pain.”
Moni Lina, Doctor of Physical Therapy in Pelvic Floor Therapy
Monioluwa Otubaga, DPT
Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
“I take pride in providing each patient with resources to move with less pain, more safely, and move feeling strong. I am passionate about reducing the maternal mortality rate for Black and native women, and I utilize a holistic approach to meet women exactly where they are.”

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Pelvic floor therapy FAQs

Pelvic floor therapy during pregnancy can help you prepare for birth, manage pain and incontinence, and set yourself up for a smoother postpartum recovery. Learn more about what a certified pelvic floor therapist can do for you.
How do I find a pelvic floor therapist in Houston?

Find a pelvic floor therapist through Partum Health in Houston, Texas. Partum Health pelvic floor therapists are experts in guiding expectant parents through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum rehabilitation. We offer free introductory calls and a care coordinator to provide support in between weekly pelvic floor sessions.

It is extremely common to experience pelvic floor weakness during and after pregnancy, regardless of whether you have a vaginal birth or C-section. By starting physical therapy during your second trimester, you can prepare your body to give birth, reduce the risk of pelvic prolapse, and relieve pelvic pain. 

How much does pelvic floor therapy cost?

Partum Health's physical therapy service is not yet covered by insurance in Texas, but our trained experts can help you when you are experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, such as bladder leakage, urgency, and pain during intercourse.  

When you choose to see pelvic floor therapist with Partum Health, you will pay $125 for an introductory session, with subsequent sessions costing $150. If you purchase other supportive services with Partum Health, such as birth doula, night nanny, mental health or lactation support, you can qualify for a discounted amount. You can also offset pelvic floor physical therapy costs include using an HSA/FSA.

What can I expect in a pelvic floor physical therapy session?

Your first pelvic floor physical therapy session will include an evaluation of your physical concerns, review of your history and needs, and recommendations for a plan of care.

If your visit is in-person, part of your evaluation will be a hands-on assessment from your certified Physical Therapist. Depending on the reason for your visit and your pregnancy status, this evaluation might include an internal pelvic floor muscle assessment. An internal exam is helpful in assessing the deep layer of pelvic floor muscles for strength, length, endurance, and coordination. It can also be useful to assess for any scars that have formed since delivery if you are postpartum. The choice to have a pelvic exam is entirely yours, and you can change your mind at any point. If you and your physical therapist decide that an internal pelvic exam is appropriate, it will be done in a private room. The exam consists of a gloved finger being inserted either vaginally or rectally to assess your muscles. If an internal exam is performed, you will be given a sheet to drape yourself with, so it does not matter what you wear to pelvic floor therapy.

If you are doing pelvic floor therapy at home, please try to find a quiet place with good lighting. You might need space to stretch and move around, so keep that in mind when choosing your location. Be sure to bring a way to jot down notes; you will have access to our recommendations through your patient portal, but you may want to write some things down in your own words. Your visit might conclude with some “homework” you can do between sessions to hasten your improvement!

How long does pelvic floor therapy take to work?

Pelvic floor therapy can take as little as 2-3 weeks to work, with most patients seeing relief within the 6 month treatment period. It takes time to form new habits and build muscle strength through pelvic floor exercises. Your pelvic floor therapist will get to know your lifestyle goals, obstetric history, and any possible comorbidities, and then provide a recommendation for treatment frequency and length.

Do I need a pelvic floor therapy even if I've had a C-section?

Pelvic floor therapy can help support recovery regardless of whether you've given birth vaginally or via C-section. A C-section is major abdominal surgery, and like all surgery, physical therapy is critical during the recovery period.

Regardless of how you deliver, the strain of pregnancy impacts your pelvic floor muscles, vaginal and vulvar tissues. This stress can cause issues with urinary, bowel, and sexual function. With a C-section, you can also experience restriction of the tissue around your healing incision, which can lead to pain and limited function post pregnancy. A pelvic physical therapist can help you work through these impairments and restore your pelvic floor function and strength.

Physical therapy during pregnancy - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)