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We are looking forward to your upcoming Behavioral Health consultation. Please plan for your visit to take approximately 60 minutes. To help you prepare for your visit, some important tips are listed below.

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  • Choose a good location: Please try to find a quiet, private place with good lighting for your session.
  • Be prepared to discuss your intake forms: Be prepared to discuss your intake forms, including items about your medical history and psychiatric history, with your new provider. On that note, make sure you have completed all of your intake forms for your provider! That way, you can dive right into your session.
  • Get yourself comfortable: From what you are wearing to where you are sitting, be comfortable with your surroundings. You have chosen to take an hour to care for yourself. Take full advantage of it!
  • Come ready to learn:  Come ready to learn and to ask questions. Write down any questions or thoughts youwant to discuss in advance. Nothing is off-limits.
  • Your needs: Your session might include things like talking, guided meditation, and setting goals. This care is catered to your individual needs, so speak up about what you’d like to accomplish together.
  • Notes: Have something with you to jot down notes! You will have access to our recommendations through your portal, but you might want to write some things down in your own words.
  • Feel comfortable: It is not unusual for there to be some big feelings and tears. Have tissues and some water close by.
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Get ready for a judgment-free appointment! Our expert Behavioral Health providers are here to help. We will see you soon for your visit.

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