Lactation support (and why that breastfeeding class might have been helpful after all)

Jan 10, 2022
BY Partum Health Care TEam
Meghan Doyle
Lactation support (and why that breastfeeding class might have been helpful after all)

During my first pregnancy I remember being confused when people asked if I was going to take a lactation/ breastfeeding class. I didn’t have a baby yet. Or milk. What was I going to do in a breastfeeding class?

After my little guy was born, the lightbulb went off, and I realized that it might have been handy to know a few basics. For example, babies typically latch onto breasts best like I latch onto a too-tall cheeseburger. Opening wide, putting the burger/ breast to the bottom jaw first and then closing the top jaw down. Those mechanics befuddled me at first. Listening and watching for swallows is another tip that I could have learned before baby arrived that might have made the first few days of round-the-clock feedings less stressful.

Regardless, I didn’t do the class. What I did do was call a lactation consultant a few days in as I was not sure we had the hang of feeding. My little guy was a spit up monster, a sleepy eater, and I was in pain. I needed help.

The lactation consultant I worked with was able to come to my house, watch me and my baby feed, check his latch and positioning, and weigh him before and after a feed so I knew how much he was taking in. In a single session I learned several tips I needed, some of which might have been covered in that class I never attended. Even if I had taken the class I think an in person visit would have been warranted. Sore nipples deserve attention, after all!

Whether or not you have the time and motivation for prenatal education on lactation, Partum would love to help you schedule lactation support to make sure you get your feeding journey off to a great start!

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