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Partum Health offers affordable doula care in Houston, Texas from Pearland to The Woodlands and everywhere in between. Whether you need help during pregnancy or postpartum, we can match you with the right doula for birth and beyond.
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Finding a doula in Houston doesn’t have to be complicated: at Partum Health, we offer doula care designed for you. With one-on-one matching, free intro calls, and flexible care plans, you can feel confident that your family will find the right fit. Our backup scheduling guarantee means if you have a doula session scheduled, day or night, we have it covered.


Birth doula care
A birth doula is your expert guide to building a birth plan, and will be by your side during labor and delivery. Expect to have all your questions about birth answered, and benefit from a postnatal at-home visit to check on your and your baby.
Postpartum doula care
A postpartum doula provides hands-on care for you and your infant. Day or night, your doula will help support your household, your newborn, and your recovery.
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Meet our local Houston team

In Texas, over 300,000 people give birth each year. At Partum Health, our doulas are dedicated to providing evidence-based care that improves outcomes for the whole family. All doulas are CPR-certified with liability insurance held in Texas.
Shala McKee, Postpartum doula
Shala McKee
Postpartum Doula
"I believe in your innate ability to care for your baby and am excited to provide a calming touch and evidence-based resources as you move through your journey into parenthood."
CJ Thorp
"I celebrate the importance of prenatal education, informed decision making, and promote a calm, low-intervention environment, trusting the abilities of our bodies to do the work of birth, when given the time and space."
Katie Anderson, postpartum doula
Katie Anderson
Postpartum Doula
“Passionate about both infant care and mental health, learning new ways to make a positive impact on their lives and those sweet babies keeps me motivated and excited."

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Doula care FAQs

The right care and support during pregnancy can make all the difference. Learn more about what a doula can do for you.
How do I find a doula in Houston?

Find a doula through Partum Health in Houston, Texas. When looking for a doula, it’s important to find a vetted professional with whom you connect on a personal level: after all, they will be there to support you during the vulnerable times around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

At Partum Health, we provide one-on-one doula matching services to find the best fit for your family. When you first reach out, you’ll speak with one of our dedicated patient matching specialists who will get to know your pregnancy and unique needs. With a team of postpartum and birth doulas available, there’s no commitment until you’re confident in your doula match.

How much does a doula cost in Houston?

In Houston, doula care starts at $35/hour. Insurance does not typically cover doula care, but their services may be HSA/FSA eligible.

Costs vary based on the number of hours and services you select: through Partum Health, birth and postpartum doula services are available in bundled packages to make doula care more affordable.

What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a birth doula?

A birth doula is focused on pregnancy, birth planning, and labor and delivery, while a postpartum doula provides support for the whole family after the baby has arrived.

Doulas are certified professionals trained to support pregnant people, their birthing partners, and newborn infants: the difference between a postpartum doula vs a birth doula is in the specialized services they provide. Some doulas provide support before and after a baby is born, while others focus on just birth planning or afterbirth care.

What is the role of a birth doula?

A birth doula helps to plan for labor and delivery and will be by your side during birth. A birth doula is an important part of the labor and delivery care team, alongside an obstetrician and midwife.

A birth doula will help you understand your options and give advice when it comes to labor planning and preparation. Topics covered during pregnancy might include:

  • Deciding where to give birth, whether that is at home, in a birthing center, or at a hospital
  • Understanding what to expect during the stages of labor, including pain management options such as epidurals, hypnobirthing, and natural birth alternatives
  • Learning about birthing positions, including water births

During labor, a birth doula is a support person, there to help ensure your labor plan is followed to the extent possible, and that you and your partner have your voices heard. Overall, think of a birth doula as an advocate for the birthing person, and a bridge to the medical team. 

What happens at a postpartum doula visit?

A postpartum doula visits after the baby is born to support the new family. Their tasks might include infant care, postpartum recovery support, and household management. Typically, they will check in on both the new parents and the newborn baby, and be there to support bonding, rest, and recovery. A postpartum doula can be hired for help with baby during the day or overnight (formerly called a night nurse). Visits might include: 

  • Infant care: Get rest or take a break while an expert takes care of baby
  • Newborn education: Learn infant CPR, how to swaddle, and how to start a sleep schedule
  • Household help: Get help with baby laundry, bottle preparation, pump part washing, and nursery organization
  • Postpartum recovery: Get expert tips for with clogged milk ducts, C-section wound care, and emotional recovery after a traumatic birth experience

At a postpartum doula visit, you can expect practical, educational, and emotional support for the whole family.

Are doulas worth it?

Clinical research shows doula care during labor reduces C-section rates, shortens labor times, and leads to better infant Apgar scores. While doula care is typically out-of-pocket, it is absolutely worth it.

It’s important to note that doulas are not medical providers, but work alongside your medical team to help improve your experience of giving birth. For those with pregnancy complications, benefits of doula care include decreased birth complications, decreased risk of low birthweight, and increased success breastfeeding. 

Postpartum doula care is worthwhile because in addition to the hands-on support in the household and with baby care overnight, they can help monitor new mothers for postpartum depression and anxiety. Especially for first-time parents or those having multiples, sometimes family support isn’t enough, and professional doula care is needed.

Doula Care - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)