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Partum Health offers lactation consultations in Chicago, Illinois including Northwest, Western, South and Southwest suburbs. Whether you need help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we can match you with an IBCLC-certified lactation consultant for infant feeding care.
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Finding a lactation consultant in Chicago doesn’t have to be complicated: at Partum Health, we offer a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. With in-network coverage, custom care plans, and in-home or telehealth sessions available, our expert lactation specialists are ready to support you and your family.


Prenatal lactation consultations
Get set up for infant feeding success before their arrival. A one-on-one prenatal lactation consultation is your opportunity to have all of your breastfeeding questions answered.
In-home lactation consultations
Ensure your baby is getting enough to eat and manage common breastfeeding issues like painful latching, low milk supply, mastitis, and concerns about infant weight gain.
Back-to-work lactation consultations
Receive tailored support around the return-to-work. Build a plan for pumping and storing milk, navigate bottle feeding, and adjust your schedule to manage the transition back to the office.
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In-network lactation consultations in Chicago

In many cases, lactation consultations are fully covered by insurance, no copay needed. Partum Health offers the following in-network lactation consultants in Illinois:
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All Partum Health lactation consultants are IBCLC-certified for the gold standard in evidence-based care. Through personalized education and hands-on support, you can reduce the stress and isolation associated with infant feeding.
Katie Prezas, IBCLC headshot
Katie Prezas, IBCLC
"I love helping families find success in their feeding journey - whatever that means for them!"
Sandra Jennings-Curry, RN, IBCLC headshot
Sandra Jennings-Curry, RN, IBCLC
"Pregnancy and the postpartum period is a unique time that requires a village. I love being able to be a part of a family's village as they navigate this time in their lives."

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Lactation consultation FAQs

Lactation consultations help promote infant health and development while supporting parents' physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn more about what a certified lactation consultant can do for you.
How do I find an IBCLC in Chicago?

Find an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) through Partum Health in Chicago, Illinois. IBCLCs are the highest level of trained and accredited professionals offering lactation and breastfeeding support.

It’s common to receive some breastfeeding education in the hospital after giving birth, but for many new parents, this is not sufficient to address all feeding challenges that can arise during the first weeks of life. In some cases, especially when infant weight gain is a concern, a pediatrician may also make a referral to a lactation consultant. With Partum Health, an IBCLC will come to your house in Chicago to provide an in-home assessment, support with practical advice, and diagnose problems associated with latching and positioning.

What should I expect from a lactation consultation?

In a lactation consultation, you will receive education, guidance, and support to meet breastfeeding goals. A typical lactation consultation might include:

  • Assessment: The lactation consultant will review your infant’s health history, your history of breastfeeding, and current feeding schedule. 
  • Observation: The consultant will observe your breastfeeding to assess latch, suckling, swallowing, and breathing as the baby feeds.They will also examine your baby’s mouth for any structural issues that might affect breastfeeding, such as a lip tie or cleft palate.
  • Hands-on support: Your IBCLC will suggest new positions, demonstrate proper latch, and give pointers and hands-on adjustments for more comfortable breastfeeding. 
  • Problem-solving: The lactation consultant can help to address issues such as engorgement, nipple soreness or itching, maintaining milk supply, and increasing expression.
  • Education: You’ll learn how to read hunger cues and signs that your baby is getting enough to eat, find the best breastfeeding position, and develop a feeding schedule that ensures infant weight gain.
  • Progress monitoring: Follow up appointments can be scheduled as needed, often with the option for telehealth, to monitor progress toward your feeding goals. When indicated, lactation consultants can also provide referrals to other specialists, such as speech-language pathologists or lactation support groups.
What can a lactation consultant help with?

A lactation consultant can help with the full range of challenges related to breastfeeding and lactation that occur in both mom and baby. The role of a certified lactation consultant is to support new parents in meeting their breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be, ensure that infants are well-nourished and mothers are emotionally supported.

Common challenges that a lactation consultant can help with include:

  • Breast or bottle refusal
  • Sore, cracked, and painful nipples
  • Milk supply issues, including low milk supply and hyperlactation
  • Breast inflammation, engorgement, and infection
  • Baby reflux and thrush
  • Painful latching

It’s important to note that the support of a lactation consultant is not limited to parents who are breastfeeding or chestfeeding. Lactation consultants can also help provide recommendations for pumping technology, ensure your pump flange is well-fitting to your breast and nipple, and check if your bottle fed baby is gaining weight.

When should I see a lactation consultant?

While a lactation consultant might be most impactful right after birth as you and your baby are learning to nurse, it is never too late to seek lactation support. Many first-time parents seek a lactation consultation during pregnancy for more information about what to expect from breastfeeding, or how to know an infant is getting adequate nutrition. If you struggled with breastfeeding with previous pregnancies, it might also be a good idea to have a prenatal lactation consultation to proactively address feeding challenges.

The most common time to see a lactation consultant is during the early newborn period when feeding problems first arise. Issues like cracked nipples and low milk supply can result in breastfeeding cessation, but with professional support, you can continue breastfeeding for as long you’d like.

Another common time to seek a lactation consultation is around the return to work. An IBCLC can help you devise a pumping schedule, keep up milk supply, and even give tips on how to best clean pump parts and store milk while in the office.

Lactation Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)